Friday, August 23, 2013

The Great Heart Bypass Scam


The Great Heart Bypass Scam

The Great Heart Bypass Scam  

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from our trusted friend Michael Cutler,
 MD at Easy Health Options. He has
 some very important information to 
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"The Great Heart Bypass Scam..."

And other deadly deceptions of
popular heart treatments!

"BEFORE you have any treatment or take any drug for your heart, you must read this startling new medical expose."
—Michael Cutler, M.D.
Editor, Easy Healt


Recent reports
 reveal that up to 85
percent of coronary
 bypasses are unnecessary,
done on patients who
 likely WON'T benefit.

Why such a scam? Because
a coronary bypass graft
costs over $60,000 a pop
—and that's a quick way
 for a heart surgeon to
 get a
new Lexus or a new boat!

But it's time you heard
the truth about today's
 popular heart treatments
—the truth you're not being
 told. PLUS discover new
natural secrets for
reversing heart disease
 such as...
  • The bypass-in-a-pill
  • —sweeps dangerous
  •  plaque from your 
  • arteries without surgery,
  •  stents or risks.
  • Make yourself 500
  • percent LESS likely
  •  to have a heart 
  • attack—no doctor
  •  required.
  • The sugar cane cure 
  • for high cholesterol 
  • and high blood
  • pressure—amazing
  •  results.
  • High triglycerides? 
  • This "plain-Jane" 
  • vegetable extract
  •  lowers your risk by 
  • 26 percent.
  • And many more new
  •  natural secrets for
  •  protecting and
  •  healing your heart!
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