Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Kitchen Herb Protects Your Vision

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Sunday April 28, 2013
The Anti-Aging Secret You
 Haven’t Heard of…Yet
It’s a tiny compound found in the skin of some
 fruits. But it packs quite the punch. This
 antioxidant is so powerful that one of America’s
most trusted experts recently declared on
 national television, “It’ll help you live longer.”
When stacked up against the world’s top anti-
aging supplement, researchers concluded that
this “new” antioxidant is “more potent” when it
comes to keeping the brain young in animals.
 So what is it…how can you benefit…and even
 better, how can ramp up its power even more?
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The Kitchen Herb That 
Protects Your Vision
The key to protecting your eyesight may just be
 in your kitchen. Or growing in your garden.
New research has found that a common herb
 contains a protective compound.  And it could
 help prevent age-related macular degeneration
 (AMD). AMD is the most common eye problem
among people 50 and older. It is also the leading
 cause of blindness.
The compound is carnosic acid. It produces
 antioxidant enzymes that lower free radicals
and peroxides, preventing cellular damage. And
a recent study in the Investigative Ophthalmology
 & Visual Science    shows just how powerful it is
. Researchers tested it on retinal cells in mice
 damaged by toxic peroxides.  They did this to mimic
 AMD. Sure enough, carnosic acid protected the
 cells from further damage.
What’s more, it protected against light-induced
 retinal damage. The mice pre-treated with
 carnosic acid experienced less damage when
 exposed to blue light. They developed a thicker
 outer nuclear layer in the eye which protected
 their photoreceptors – the part of the eye that
detects light.  Protecting this part of the eye is
 key.  Damaged photoreceptors result in AMD.
So then what herb is carnosic acid found in?
You probably already use it.
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