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INH Health Watch Natural Cancer Cure: A Million Times Stronger Than Chemo and No Side Effects?

Natural Cancer Cure: A Million Times Stronger Than Chemo and No Side Effects?

INH Health Watch
Jan 3 (2 days ago)
to me

Dear Health Watch Reader -
We know the dangers of chemo, radiation
  , and other traditional cancer treatments.
 Unfortunately, these are still the automatic
go-tos of most doctors in this country. So
when I come across what looks like a
promising alternative, I have to share it.
The sponsored message below is from
 Danica Collins at Underground Health 
 She has details on a natural treatment
hat she says fights cancer…without the
nasty side effects of mainstream methods.
In Good Health,
Angela Salerno
Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

Natural Cancer Cure:
A Million Times

 Stronger Than Chemo
and No Side Effects?

Dear Reader,
espite the lack of mainstream media
 coverage for alternative therapies
, there are many botanically based
 cures shown to be effective against
serious and life threatening illnesses,
 including cancer.

     One potent remedy ignored by
mainstream press is graviola (also
known as soursop, guanaba, and
 numerous other names.)  This South
 American fruit is green and heart
shaped, and about 6 to 8 inches in
 diameter.  In addition to South
America, the tree is found on various
 tropical islands and grows best in
rainforest climates.

     Research demonstrates that
 powerful substances in graviola—
called annonaceous acetogenins
may arrest cancer tumor growth and
 may even protect your body from
developing cancer cells
.  Study
results have been highly promising:

     In one laboratory study published
    in the November 2010 issue of 
    Molecules, graviola's Annonaceous 
    acetogenins slowed the spread 
    of lung cancer and cancer of the 
    laryngeal cells.

     In a 2001 study published in the
     Journal of Natural Products, a 
    compound extracted from graviola 
    seeds killed liver cancer cells
     without harming healthy cells.
     However, as promising as these results
 are, graviola is no match for the bark
 of an even lesser-known North
merican fruit tree
.  That's because
 extracts of this North American fruit
 tree bark
 contain double-ringed
 that have proven in

A Million Times Stronger Than
 Chemo Drugs—with No Harmful
 Side Effects 

The bark of this North American fruit tree
 is exceedingly more powerful than
 graviola as an effective cancer treatment,
 according to results of a $5 million study
 funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
 It was in this NCI-funded study that this
 fruit tree was shown to be a million times
 more effective than chemo drugs, without
toxic effects on healthy cells.

     This is in stark contrast to the dismal
2% success rate of chemo, which is widely
 feared for its debilitating and long-lasting
 poisonous effects throughout the body

     An award-
winning researcher
Dr. Jerry McLaughlin
 of Purdue University,

tree.  Dr. McLaughlin
atients, to see if
the results held up in the real world.

     In one study, an extract of this fruit tree's

bark was administered to 130 of Dr.
 McLaughlin's cancer patients.  Their
 conditions were then monitored for a year
and a half.  The study included all different
types and stages of cellular abnormalities.

     The results?  CT scans and other tests
verified significant reductions in the
size of abnormal growths
, and significant
reductions in antigen levels
various well-recognized tumor markers.

     Another medical researcher practitioner,
 Kimberly D. Balas, Ph.D., was equally
 astonished by the results she saw when she
ubstances produced by tumors that indicate
the existence and severity of cancer in the
 body] in as little as 3 weeks ... I have someone
that has low WBC and stage IV cancer.  Her
CA-15-3 markers are down by about 125%!"

This Extract Actually
Cancer Cells

     The best news is cancer
treatments derived from this
 North American fruit tree may
even be effective against tumors
 that have previously been
 resistant to anticancer agents
  In fact, it seems to seek out
 and specially target those
 resistant cells

     "Multi-drug resistant cancer
is hard to treat because the
cancer cell has developed a
mechanism to get around the
 anticancer agent," said Dr
. McLaughlin in an interview for
 thePurdue News Service
"Tumor cells that survive
 chemotherapy treatments
often recover with increased
resistance to the agent used in
 the original treatment as well
as to other related drugs."

     Where other drugs fail,
 however, this botanical extract
 seeks out and destroys those
extra-resistant cells from the

Why Has This Proven Cure Been
 Deliberately Kept Secret from the

Practically every week, new alternative
 health breakthroughs are discovered.
 Most of these health breakthroughs,
such as the North American fruit tree
above, are already scientifically proven to
 heal a wide variety of diseases ... eliminate
 pain ... slow down or reverse the aging
 process ... and enhance health and longevity.

     Yet, these powerful health alternatives
most of which are inexpensive or free
—are unknown to most people because
 mainstream media rarely reports them
 To the contrary, these powerful health
 solutions are systematically suppressed

     The reason for this is simple: these
 inexpensive natural treatments threaten
 the profits of mainstream medicine
and the pharmaceutical industry
  Imagine what would happen to the earnings
of Big Pharma and the medical industry if
 people had the information they needed
 to heal themselves of virtually any disease
 or health problem?  Everyone would be
 able to optimize his or her own health and
 well-being ... and no one ever needed
 medical treatment again—except for
 emergencies and natural disasters.

      Click here to discover the North
American fruit tree extract proven in
 a National Cancer Institute-funded
experiment to be a million times
 more powerful than chemotherapy,
 with no harmful side effects
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Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins

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