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INH Health Watch Newsletter

INH Health Watch Newsletter

Scientist Admit Cancer is Man-Made  

INH Health Watch
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Dear Health Watch Reader -
They are the questions that go through almost
 everyone’s head when they’re first told
 they have cancer. “How did I get it?”
“What did I do?” “Why me?” And,
unfortunately, they usually go unanswered.
But now, Danica Collins at Undergrou
nd Health Reporter is sharing a study
that attempts to answer those questions. I
 think you’ll be surprised by what she has
to say in her special message below.
In Good Health,
Angela Salerno
Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

"Cancer is Man-Made,"
 Scientists Admit
How to overcome cancer
 in 10 natural ways 
A recent study by University of 
Manchester scientists has strongly 
suggested that ... cancer is a modern,
 man-made disease caused by 
environmental factors such as pollution
 and diet.

Egyptian Mummies     In the extensive study conducted
 at the University's KNH Centre for
Biomedical Egyptology, scientists 
examined hundreds of mummies and 
found ... no signs of cancer—except
 for oneisolated case.

     Professor Michael Zimmerman said:
 "In an ancient society lacking surgical
intervention, evidence of cancer should 
 mummies must necessarily be 
interpreted as evidence that cancer
was indeed rare in ancient times. The 17th Century Ushers Cancer In
It wasn't until the 17th century that
 the first reports of cancer appeared
in scientific literature—such as cancer
 of the scrotum (found in chimney sweeps
 in 1775, caused by soot particles); 
and nasal cancer found in users of snuff
 (finely ground tobacco) in 1761.

     The University of Manchester study
indicates that cancer-causing factors
exist only in modern, industrialized
 societies—and cancer is fueled by the
excesses of modern life.

     The food you eat ... the air you breathe 
.. the clothes you wear ... the water you 
drink ... the personal care products you 
use ... the medications you take ... the
re exposed to—causes cancer these 
  Here are Just a Few
 Factors Present in 
Modern Life That Cause

-hand and third-hand smoke)*  Genetically modified food*  Most laundry detergents
   Commercial hair dyes*  Air pollution (including 
carbon monoxide, methylene
      chloride, and acrolein)
*  Granite countertops (which 

emit radon)*   Rancid peanuts and seeds
   Canola oil*   Canned tomatoes
   Food laced with pesticides*   Chemicals from aerosol cans
*  Mammograms
*  X-Rays
*  Food microwaved in plastic

 containers (including
        plastic wrap, the plastic trays

 that come with frozen
        TV dinners, and even plastic

 baby bottles)*  Environmental pollutants (such
 as asbestos, benzene, and

Professor Rosalie David, at the 
Faculty of Life Sciences, said: There is Nothing in the Natural 
Environment That Can Cause 

Given the prevalence of cancer-causing
 factors in the modern world, what can
 you do to escape cancer?

     Many scientists agree that a healthy 
diet ... regular physical activity ... and 
maintaining a healthy weight can
 prevent about one-third of the most 
common cancers.

     But ... eating healthy is not a 
guarantee that you'll never get cancer. 
 Even those who think they have a 
healthy diet are not immune to cancer. 
 Consider the case of Linda McCartney,
 the late wife of Beatle Paul McCartney.
  She was a life-long vegetarian, who
 also wrote a book on vegetarian 
cooking and produced a line of frozen
 vegetarian meals.  Yet, despite her
 healthy eating, she died of breast
cancer at the age of 56. 

     Regular physical activity—although 
definitely a healthy thing to do—is not
on.  He engaged in more physical activity
 than most people, and yet he was 
diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular 

     Maintaining a healthy weight also
 does not assure you of immunity from 
cancer.  Many physically fit celebrities
omers, Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal,
 to name a few.Extraordinary Natural Cures

In the years I've spent as Editor of
consistently hailed by alternative health 
practitioners as "the best of the best.

 A gold-colored spice derived
 from the ginger family reverses
the growth of cancer cells by
, and rivals the effectiveness
 of chemotherapy (page 16)
Natural Cancer Cure No. 2When the
properties of
 this spice were
first discovered
by Western
 medicine, an
American pharmaceutical
company tried to patent
in order to rake in
millions of dollars in profits.
Health practitioners from
 India were OUTRAGED,
 considering they have
 been using this herb
for thousands of years
to heal cancer and trea
t major diseases.
 A natural anti-cancer
 formula that kills virtually
100% of cancer cells within 
48 hours (page 32)
Esophageal CancerDick's esophageal
cancer surgery left
 him with septic
shock, two staph
infections, and a
metastasized cancer recurrence two years
 but couldn't eliminate
ncer formula, a bronchial
scope and CT scan
 A 4-herb tea that reduces
 and causes a recession in
 cancer growth in patients
 suffering from pathologically 

 A compound from the bark 
of a little-known fruit tree is
 the onlycancer treatment that
 destroys drug-resistant—and
 chemo-resistant—cancer cells.
  It's 10,000 times more 
effective than a commonly 
used cancer drug—and no,
 it's not graviola (page 50)
Natural Cancer Cure No. 2Over the course
 of 20 years,
 and with the
 help of a $5
 million dollar
established by the
 NCI, the Professor Emeritus
 of Pharmacognosy at the
 University of Michigan,
 Ann Arbor, hasproven
the viability of this natural
 extract as an effective
cancer treatment.
 Two inexpensive food items 
combined together in specific 
proportions are proven by
 numerous independent 
clinical studies to provide a
powerful and effective means 
of treating even the most

 A Chinese healing practice
 that dissolves a cancer 
patient's orange-sized tumor 
in 40 seconds (page 113)
There are hundreds of
 health practitioners who
specialize in this healing
practice in the U.S. and
s were cultivated in Petri
healing energy upon them
etri dishes.
 Natural Cancer Cure No. 10A medicinal mushroom
that is proven by a National 
Institutes of Health study to 
cure cancer—especially
breast cancer (page 115) A natural substance that 
creates an oxygen-rich 
environment in the body which
 causes cancerous tumors
 to shrink—and inhibits the 
growth of other tumors, as
 well as pathogens, viruses
 and harmful bacteria (page 57) 
 A vegetable with such 
powerful cancer-fighting 
properties that many natural
health practitioners claim that it 
could be sold as a prescription 
drug (page 86) 
 An "eleventh hour" cancer
remedy made from the juice of
cereal grasses proves effective 
in curing advanced terminal
cancer (page 126)
2 out of 5 get cancer     According to the American Cancer Society,41% of all adults will develop cancer in their lifetimes ... or die from it!  That's 4 out of 10 ... or 2 out of 5 people.  ==>
  In fact, you might already have undiagnosed cancer right now ... and not even know it.

     Whether you or a loved one already
 suffers from cancer ... or you fear that 
cancer might strike you or your family 
one day, you must get the full story on 
10 powerful natural cancer cures that
 have helped many thousands of 
cancer patients reclaim their health
and their lives.

     Click here now to discover 
all the 
research studies, medical reports, inspiring
 real-life stories of those who have
 successfully used these 10 amazing 
natural therapies to cure their cancer.
Wishing you the best of health,Danica Collins

 Editor, Underground Health Reporter
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